Regression to the mean⚔️

Hey, sorry if this is a short blog post, but i just feel like I have to get this out. There’s one thing that I realised. Nothing can be too good and nothing can be too bad. This theory is called the regression to the mean. This theory states that no matter how good things […]

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Glow up for school✨

As we all know, summer is coming to an end. I personally enjoyed my summer because it allowed me to reinvent myself and learn how to approach certain situations. Obviously everybody wants to look new and reinvent themselves. Here are a few tips on how to have a glow up for school. ☀️- As for […]

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My skin isn’t really the best at the moment, but here are some tips to keeping healthy skin. The correct order for your skin care routine should be: cleanse, tone, mask, serums, moisturiser. I recommend the St. Ives apricot cleanser to start of your routine. I’ve used it for a long time now and it’s […]

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What is love? People tend to ask this question a lot. I can tell you what love is. Love is an intense feeling of deep affection. The word love leaves me confused. Doesn’t love mean that the person you love should love you back? If it does, then ask yourself this: is the person you […]

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following up on today’s trends

The thing about today’s trends are that teenagers get bored easily. Let me give an example, there was a time that everybody I knew wanted to wear Adidas superstars. I personally thought that if you wore superstars, then you were extremely cool. Then when I travelled, I got my own pair of the shoes. I […]

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